Community Advancement Development Corporation (CADC) is a full service Non Profit Affordable Housing Developer. CADC is a

501(c)(3) Organization that acts as Managing General Partner (MGP) in Affordable Housing Developments in Kern, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties in the state of California. In addition to affordable developments, CADC offers comprehensive Resident Services with a focus on individual growth. Our resident services, seeks to bridge the technological divide endured by low income residents at our properties. Our services cover a range of issues while offering our young residents a safe environment and a place for growth.

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Roof Construction

As we move into 2021 Community Advancement Development Corporation looks to grow with new developments that will serve the moderate to low income residents. Our scope expanded in 2020 to include projects that are Permanent Supportive Housing developments created to reduce homelessness. These developments contain 50% special needs units with the remaining for low income individuals at 50% of AMI. These projects are located in Orange and Los Angeles counties. Della Rosa in Westminster, Orange county was placed in service late 2020 and Dahlia located in downtown Los Angeles will be placed in service during 2021.

Community Advancement Development Corporation is an organization that understands the desperate need for Affordable Housing in our great state of California. Our leadership has been at the forefront of the addition of Solar panels installed on Affordable Housing all over the state of California. Through our partnership with EveryDay Energy and our lead in the Mash Coalition we have helped to bring cost savings to low income residents. From the first Affordable Solar installation to the largest Affordable Solar installation in the state of California CADC has been involved with great pride and devotion to the working families of California.